Mobile Games

Keeping millennial mobile users hooked onto their phones for hours can only be through entertainment, learning and/or leisure. This, and some inno-vention is the recipe for a mobile game. Throw in visually attractive graphics, animations, motions and addictive gameplay in the recipe and concoct the platform to engage with consumers via pay-to-download model, in-app purchase model or a free game supported by advertising.

Aresoft’s mobile game developers specialize in advanced 2D games in UNITY, PhoneGap, Jquery Mobile and HTML 5 for Android and iOS. Once user profiling and business requirements are assessed, the game will be designed, coded and tested. Your feedback will then be used to deliver the final product as well as support and maintenance to overcome any technical difficulties encountered. Not only can our iOS/Android/Indie game developers optimize games for various configurations and screen resolutions, they will also advise you on the launch model that is most lucrative and aligned with your marketing strategy.

Time to get your game strong.